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Even if you're not a fan

So, I present the new Death Cab for Cutie video. Even if you don't have interest in the band or the song, I've got to say the video is pretty interesting. There are lots of international locations. I dig it, especially the places I recognize because I've actually been there.

beer good

An Unexpected Tragedy

Jay Poore was a great teacher who had a passion for what he did. Yesterday, January 19, just one day shy of his 33rd birthday, my co-worker Jay suffered a fatal heart attack. He was a dedicated teacher and had just recently became a father when his daugther Hailey was born on the first sunny day in August after the monsoon season.

I just hope that any of you who read this will keep his family, especially his wife and daughter, in your thoughts. I can't imagine never knowing my father if he was taken from me at such a young age. Every time he spoke of his daughter, he just lit up.

RIP Jay Poore.
beer good

*grumble grumble*

So, I was about to take out the trash and get a quick bite from the Family Mart (like 7~11) and realized some folks on the 5th floor (I live on the 6th) were hanging out so I stopped by.

TWO HOURS LATER. I'm back in my room, showered and about to go to sleep. I have an early train to catch..literally. I'm headed to Busan (south coast of S. Korea) to hang out w/ my uncle, aunt, and two adorable cousins. So I'm really excited for that. So I really need to be asleep NOW.

But anyway. All in all a chill but good evening. One thing though. I'll put it behind the'll probably be too much information for some.

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Now off to bed.
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